SEGES wants to utilise the benefits of Big data for decision support systems

Why participate in Future Cropping

Jens Bligaard arbejdet med at udvikle en ny dataplatform, som kan håndtere Big data. Jens Bligaard is part of the group working to develop a new data platform for handling big data.


We see Big data as the foundation for development of new IT based decision support tools for farmers. SEGES wants to secure that the results obtained in the project will be incorporated into the IT-systems used by farmers and consultants.

SEGES is primarily responsible for the overall project management as well as taking part in work package 1.


Focus Areas

SEGES is developing and operating IT applications used by farmers and consultants. Developing a data platform in the cloud is a central task in Future Cropping. The platform must be able to handle large quantities of data as basis for new decision support tools, which will give the farmer an opportunity to optimise production even further and thus earnings. Our role is to ensure that the developed systems fit the reality faced by farmers and to develop a useful user interface for farmers and consultants, says head of department Jens Bligaard.


In cooperation with Dept. of Engineering and Aarhus University, SEGES is working on the development of a data platform including a gateway, meaning that:

  • machine operating can be based on field data (the Danish Field Database), while working in the field
  • data collected by machinery is uploaded to the Danish Field Database
  • Data from machinery, climate stations, soil maps, Danish Field Database etc., are compatible and used in finding new correlation, not yet know. This means in practice – Big data.


Big data is a crucial development in IT systems for precision farming. As climate data and data from large parts of the Danish farm land are collected by machinery and made compatible it will generate large amounts of data similar to the data obtained from field experiments. The large amounts of data will give us the opportunity to detect yet unknown correlations. E.g. More precise knowledge on which pest management strategies produce the highest yields. Also taking soil type, climate, expected yield and crop rotation into account.


The gateway is a central part of the data platform. In the long term the gateway will make it possible to receive data from John Deere, AGCO, CLAAS, Trimble etc. and make them compatible. This way it will be possible to transfer data between machinery from different manufactures.


The vision for participating in Future Cropping

SEGES’ aim is to ensure a close connection with the agricultural sector and ensure that results from the project will benefit farmers, also after the project has finished. Big data will form a foundation for new decision support tools, decision support tools that fits the practical challenges met by farmers. The system will be developed for Danish farmers. However, other countries will be able to adopt the system and connect their local field databases.


SEGES in short

SEGES develops and communicates fresh knowledge related to agriculture. Further, SEGES provides specialised consultancy services, programs and other products. SEGES has a close cooperation with 30 local consultancy businesses, research institutes and companies, globally. Altogether 650 people are employed; the majority is located at Agro Food Park in Skejby.


Project participants

Head of department Jens Bligaard

IT senior consultant Mike Jørgensen

IT senior consultant Ole Juhl

IT- developer Mads Nielsen

IT- developer Troels Agerbo

Head of Plant nutrient team Leif Knudsen

Special advisor Rita Hørfarter

Special advisor Janne Aalborg Nielsen

Special advisor Jens Erik Jensen

Senior project manager Kathrine Hauge Madsen

Communication specialist Bodil Pedersen

Web-secretary Anna Myllerup

Project secretary Anna Marie Thierry