Agro Intelligence

Agro Intelligence is developing advanced solutions for agricultural machinery, including precision farming. The fundamental idea is to enable farm machinery to collect and handle data.

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Billedtekst: Bjørn Hjortshøj Andersen and Palle Ejlskov are developing a probe for recording redox potential in the soil matrix.


Ejlskov is developing a probe for measuring redox potential. The recordings document areas prone to nitrate leaching.

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Currently, Orbicon is developing a drainage filter technology. The basic principle is that, drainage water is led though a filter material, e.g. wood chips, where microorganisms remove or retain plant nutrients.

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The Yara N-sensor allocates N fertiliser according to the specific optimum of each part of the field. The overall objective is to apply correct amount of fertiliser corresponding to the optimum for each particular location, thereby increasing the crop yield significantly and avoiding nitrate leaching.

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The role of SEGES is to ensure that results obtained in Future Cropping will benefit the agricultural sector. Big data will form the foundation for development of new decision support tools, which consider the practical challenges met by farmers.

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