Agro Intelligence can make agricultural machinery collect field data

Ole Green og hans hold deltager i flere af arbejdspakkerne. Ole Green and his team participate in several work packages.


Agro Intelligence develops advanced solutions for agricultural machinery, including precision agriculture. The basic idea is for the machines to record and utilise data.

Why participate in Future Cropping

The activities in Future Cropping fit with our business idea. The project allows us to be in the lead with our innovation, and it generates ideas which we can turn into commercial products and sell to our customers. The farmer being able to use data to optimize his production to the benefit of both his economy and the environment is at the core of our business idea. The basic idea is that agricultural machineries, records and utilises data thereby optimising plant production and benefitting the environment at the same time.

Agro Intelligence participates in work package 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8.

Areas of focus
  • Equipment for ploughing in the optimal depth according to soil type, amount of crop residues, etc.
  • A section controlled plough which can target typical weed problems in headland.
  • A map showing the degree of soil compaction. Registration of the force it takes to pull the plow through the soil is used as the data input.
  • A cutter, which based on data on soil type etc., ensures the optimal treatment.
  • A drill with depth control. Inputs include topography and soil type.
  • A precision fertilizer applicator, which can allocate fertilizer more precisely.
  • Weed mapping from cameras mounted on the field equipment and collected during field work.
  • Methods for harvesting crops in optimal order and optimal quality.
  • Improving the possibilities for data exchange between machinery and “the cloud”.
Our vision for participating in Future Cropping

The development work and cooperation with other partners continuously generates new ideas which we can translate into products. Our vision is, that the project will help us generate additionally 50 percent new ideas, which we can further develop and commercialise.

Agro Intelligence in short

Agro Intelligence develops advanced solutions for agricultural machinery including precision agriculture. The company was founded in 2015 with 7 employees in offices at Agro Food Park in Skejby. The company now employs 16 people, and Ole Green expects the staff to grow by another 30% in the 2016.

Project participants:

From Agro Intelligence: • CEO Ole Green • Ph.d student Søren Kirkegaard Nielsen • COO Alea Louise Scovill • Research manager Gareth Edwards